About Us

What is Peepsplus from the Users Perspective.

 What is PeepsPlus

We know that “information you want comes from people you trust,” we created PeepsPlus to help people share information more efficiently. Our method is based on a philosophy known as Social Network Referencing which we affectionately know as “Peepsourcing.”

Our “information to mobile” platform allows users to share information about restaurants, nightlife, business choices and shopping in ways that make it much more personal than other sites. In our system, users aren’t looking to computer algorithms or the squawking of random people that they don’t know to find answers, instead our system makes it possible to get your information from the people that matter in your life: your truest and most trusted resource…Your Friends.

PeepsPlus puts power in the hands of the consumer. For example: a twenty something year old who likes designer shoes and wants to find them cheap but is new to the area, can simply put in a city of interest or the name of a trusted friend and she will instantly find out exactly what shops and restaurants her friends think is hot.

Its word of mouth localized, categorized, and personalized. Its what your search engine would be if it knew you. At Peepsplus we know that no 2 people are the same, therefore how can any persons search results be the same? At PeepsPlus we have taken the guesswork out of shopping, finding suitable entertainment, restaurants and more. We have created the worlds first \"Personal Search Engine!\"
Tired of visiting new places like restaurants, entertainment venues, or shopping areas only to get there and find out they are something less than you expected? We have created a solution that helps relieve the frustration and makes you want to explore the unknown.
Our solution is the worlds first Personal Search Engine. Unlike other search engines or review sites, PeepsPlus recognizes that as individuals, what is best for you may not be whats best for even your closest friend. PeepsPlus uses personal data to help tame an unforgiving world. It empowers you to create what you really want, a world that is more personal, familiar, approachable and enjoyable.



*Our system is totally free and is supported by the thousands of small businesses who just want a fair shot at earning your business. Using PeepsPlus can change your life, to find out more Take the PeepsPlus Challenge!


PeepsPlus for Business

PeepsPlus is an affordable Small business marketing solution. We believe that one way communication or “Advertising” is dead. At PeepsPlus we believe that customers want to be connected with the businesses they support and we provide tools to help create this interactive environment. We provide feedback tools, branding tools, and even coupons.

 We are presently seeking preferred small businesses to who want to enhance their customer relationship and to explode their bottom line by using the power of mobile to interact with customers. Our system is designed around our signature loyalty enhancement program, the “PeepsPlus Awards.”

 Businesses will be trained to create and sustain online campaigns, to create and distribute coupons and to connect with customers using social networking capabilities. They will be able to upload pictures, video and testimonials and these items along with gps directions will be made available to PeepsPlus users. Advertisers will also be trained to use Myspace, Twitter and Facebook to enhance their online exposure.


Founders Vision

 “We want to be known as the big friend to small business. We want to transform the way advertising is done by taking it from away from Madison Ave and delivering it straight to Main Street. We want to be the one stop shop, for new media advertising. We will provide Advertising that is measurable, affordable, effective, smart and cool. And we will deliver it at half the cost to ten times the people, and we will make it as simple as signing up and clicking a button!”


The PeepsPlus Advantage for Business

1. We provide training modules to help small business

2. We maintain an online presence for small business

3. We provide connection tools to help small business

4. We teach small business to put their best customers to work

5. We allow users to generate coupons on the fly

6. We enhance consumer loyalty by creating a competitive shopping environmen

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