Expand Your Business by 10 to 60%
in less than 6 Months!

Empowering Small Business Today!!

Introducing the worlds #1 solution for getting your message out to the world. We provide the tools and the resources to help your small business compete with the big boys. We provide advertising that is measurable, affordable, smart, cool and cost effective. And… we deliver it at half the price!

Our Secret

People are using information like never before. Smart people are even using social media to pre-plan their everyday life choices. They realize that having some advance notice on what to expect, just saves time and allows them to better plan for the experience.

“If you could only choose 1, which one would you Choose?”


“Information you want comes from People you Trust.”(We know, we even trademarked it!) This is the secret behind PeepsPlus Marketing. Call it Referral Marketing or just plain word of Mouth, but it’s here to stay. Using PeepsPlus Marketing, places you at the forefront of the revolution that is changing the way people share information. Our system connects you with the people as they share with the ones they care about most. The information is raw and unbiased, you know the kind of information you trust!

We Cover All the Bases

We build you a customized web page that is optimized for viewing on all devices. Your pages will be optimized for local search. We will get your business found…..Fast!!


Web Page


Survey Tools


Referral Marketing System


Expert SEO


Unique Customer Identifier


Featured in our PeepsPlus Awards




Loyalty Enhancement Programs

We Know Social Media

What’s Your Social Marketing Strategy?

Create a Customer Relationship


Customer Research

How well do you know your Customers?




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Martha watson
Hartford, Connecticut, United States


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