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 January 2016




Hi my name is Ken Lawrence and I am the founder of I want to thank you for stopping by and I encourage you to join us and take advantage of the coupons, gifts and surprises that we will be offering in the next few months.(join now)


Realizing that “The info you Want comes from People you Trust,” we set out to create the first truly personalized search Engine. And, to help you get aquainted with our service, we created the Peeps Plus Challenge.

Take The PeepsPlus Challenge:
In this challenge we aspire to make you, the you that you really want to be. We want to make a more vibrant more exciting you by givinRealizing g you personalized choices that will significantly transform your life. Our system doesn’t rely on so-called experts or extensive algorithms instead we want you to rely on your most trusted resource; your friends. You see, PeepsPlus utilizes a new networking model which we like to call “Peepsourcing.” With Peepsourcing you will benefit directly from the choices already made by your friends.

The way it works is really quite simple. You make a list all of your favorite places. You know, your favorite steak house, nightclub, shopping etc. You take the time to rank them in order of importance and you can even leave a note about the experience.

Next you invite your friends to do the same. Then, thanks to the magic of Peeps Plus, your choices will be exchanged with your Peeps and your choices will be plotted. By doing this you will be exposed to a whole new world of shopping and entertainment. You will be reading first hand accounts of experiences and the best part is that the accounts are coming from people you trust.

We know you have countless Search Engines, Ratings sites and local experts who are all too willing to impress you with their knowledge of what’s hot in your area. But…let me ask you a question. Who do you trust more? Who shares your taste and who has the unique understanding of what matters to you? A computer program, a random expert or a trusted friend.

We invite you to Take the Peeps Plus Challenge. We have partnered with some local businesses to provide you with some incentives to take our challenge. If you complete the challenge in 30 days we will give you $50 of bonus coupons for free.

We thank you for visiting, and we look forward to hearing your story. Once you have taken the challenge (see details below) we will send you your gift. Thank you for taking the Peeps Plus Challenge.

Take the Challenge…

  1. Set aside the time to join the site and complete your list of favorite places. Be sure and add addresses and phone numbers, because they will be of special use to you when you need to access them by mobile.
  2. Next select up to 25 friends to invite to the site. Let them know you are participating in the challenge and let them know that they are invited to do the same.
  3. Follow up with by visiting the many new places which receive high ratings from your friends.
  4. Once you have visited at least 5 of the choices of your friends we invite you to send us a testimonial of the experience. Each month one will be selected for review in our newsletter.
  5. And finally, upon receipt of your testimonial we will forward your gift.

We trust that the results will be nothing short of life-changing for you and your relationships! And please be sure to challenge others to take the challenge…

When registering, you will be asked a few questions so we will have a better understanding of how we can serve you. Thank you for being part of this online community with us!

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Kenneth Lawrence
Founder and CEO
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