Message to Investors.

I am honored to serve as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PeepsPlus and look forward to leading our management and development teams as we implement the future strategy of the company.
Despite the significant headwinds we faced in 2015, we continued and improved upon our initial design for the creation of the worlds first Personal Search Engine.  This years focus has centered on design, ease of use, maximizing the user experience, and maximizing advertiser connectivity and visibility.
As a startup the management team has done a remarkable job of recognizing trends and implementing cutting edge technology in a limited cash environment. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our developers, content partners and small business partners who are working with us in the face of adverse conditions.
Maintaining Focus
PeepsPlus is the only social network that promises to create a unique user oriented experience for our user. The websites focus is different from others in that we wanted to create the worlds 1st Personal Search engine. Unlike the big ones you know about Google and Yelp, we don\\\\\\\'t use data crunching or the opinions of people you don\\\\\\\'t know. Our results are completely organic, they are not swayed by advertisers and therefore offer our users a more authentic experience.
Our users tag line  \\\\\\\"Info you Want comes from people you trust\\\\\\\" captures perfectly the spirit of what we have accomplished here. We have created a networking platform which allows users to share memories opinions and recommendations. 
Working with Communities
Like any other social network our platform is has a revenue based in advertising. Our goal is to help small businesses use new wave adertising to boost sales, visibility and profi
Enhancing Value for Our Customers
2. Thus far my strategy is to build out the system. I will then train independent agents and give them territories?  Is this the best strategy?

3. Because we are based here, my plan is to build out the city of New Haven and around and then to demonstrate and fine tune the model. After having demonstated its usefulness how can I get funding?

4. Eventually, it may make sense to find strategic partners. What will be the criterion and how do I go about attracting them?
Research and Innovation
Strategic Direction
We Will Move this Company Forward!

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