The PeepsPlus Challenge

The Peepsplus Challenge is the centerpiece of our marketing efforts. This challenge will inspire people to try our site and give testimonials

Take our PeepsPlus 3 step Challenge and  win $100.


PeepsPlus was created with you in mind. We wanted to create a space that was uniquely yours and uniquely you. Using PeepsPlus you will create your own personal search egine centered around what matters to you. No more computer generated listings or meaningless reviews from people you dont know.

We created the worlds first personal search engine to help you live the life you are supposed to live. We are so confident that you are going to love our Personal Search Engine that we are offering $100 and a chance to get recognized just for taking our challenge.  
                                  Here is how it Works

Step 1  Do a Google search of the best Restaurants in your area

              Save the top 10 results

Step 2     Create your Personal Search Engine today

                -You must get information from at least 10 friends

                -For this challenge you must ask friends to recommend

                  their favorite 10 restaurants using our recommedation tool



Step 3       Live Your Best Life

                -Now the fun begins... Time to compare and enjoy


Step 4      Tell us about your experience


"Make your world Personal!" Start Here!